Gold Medals (University 1st Rank Holders)

1997-2001    Mr. S. Sendhil Kumar                  Mechanical Engineering

1998-2002    Mr. C. Ilango                               Mechanical Engineering

1998-2002    Mr. G. Kathikeyan                      Computer Science and Engineering

1998-2002    Mr. Vijay Anand                         Information Technology

2000-2003    Mr. Niranjan                               Master of Computer Applications

2000-2004    Mr. Roni A Thomas                     Mechanical Engineering

2001-2005    Mr. Natdraj@Venkatesh             Information Technology

2001-2005    Mr. K. Thayumanavan                 Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2002-2006    Mr. Maria Alphonse Raju             Mechanical Engineering

2002-2006    Ms. P. Thillaikkarasi                    Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2002-2006    Ms. K. Valarmathy                      Computer Science and Engineering

2002-2006    Ms. S. Shanmugalakshmi            Information Technology

2007-2009    Mr. S. Sendhilvelan                    M.Tech CAD

2009-2011    Mr. Manikandan                         M.Tech CAD

2010-2012    Mr. K. Marimuthu                       M.Tech CAD

2011-2013    Mr. M. Sivasubramanian             M.Tech CAD

2012-2014    Mr. Bharathi                               M.Tech CAD