Department of Information Technology

      The Department of Information Technology was established in 1998. The department offers four year B.Tech degree program in Information Technology. The objectives of the department is to equip students with the knowledge and skill to have a successful career in information, technology and technical skills to design and develop software products and IT solutions. Technical events like seminar, symposium, workshop and guest lectures are organized every year for the benefit of staff and students.

Courses Offered

B.Tech Information Techology

    Programme Outcome

    Programme Outcome

    • To equip the students with the required knowledge and skill to analyze, formulate and solve real world problems.
    • To identify and utilize tools and techniques in the design and development of software products and solutions for the benefit of industry and society.
    • To design and develop secure computing and IT solutions.
    • To equip students with the technical knowledge and managerial skills to become entrepreneurs.

    Learning and Assessment Methods

    • Formal lectures
    • Assignments
    • Work based project presentations
    • Viva
    • Technical reports
    • Case studies
    • Seminars
    • Laboratory work

    Laboratory Facilities

    Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

    Digital Lab

    Microprocessor Lab

    RDBMS Lab

    Java Programming Lab

    Communication Engineering Lab

    Networking Lab

    Operating System Lab

    Component Based Technology Lab

    Mobile Computing Lab

    Web Technology Lab