All the candidates seeking admission in the College are advised to stay in the hostels. At present there are two gents hostels and one ladies hostel. The hostels are named as fragrance of flowers. The two gents hostels named as Jasmine and Lotus have the capacity to accommodate 600 students. The ladies hostel, Lily can accommodate 150 students.

Each hostel is provided with modern amenities such as recreation room including facilities for indoor games.

All the rooms in the hostels have been provided with fans and are modestly furnished. As the College Campus has residential quarters for staff, the students have several opportunities to come into contact with the teaching and other staff of the college. The atmosphere in the hostel is conducive to the development of the cosmopolitan outlook. Owing to the national character of the College and its hostel, the students develop integrated personalities over a period of harmonious living in the hostels.

A certain measure of self-governing, decision making and problem solving is involved in the hostel administration. This aspect of the college hostel life promotes the students’ sense of responsibility and sensitive self-awareness.


1) To provide residential facilities for BCET students which fulfill the basic necessities and amenities to residents.

2) To provide simple but nutritious dining facilities in hostel messes and to check and maintain the healthy and hygienic conditions, quality of foodstuffs

and other eatables provided to students in hostel mess/canteen.

3) To establish and maintain common room for recreational facilities to hostelers i.e. provision of newspaper and magazines, common Television set,

equipments for indoor/outdoor games keeping in view space available.